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SPT borehole survey tool systems are advanced, rugged, reliable and accurate. Borehole survey tools and geological survey systems trusted worldwide to help improve efficiency and minimize downtime.

Since 1996 SPT have earned an excellent global reputation for innovative design and reliable engineering in the production of borehole survey tool systems. Always proud to deliver a second-to-none 24/7 Customer Support Service, which not only provides confidence to our clients but also gives them a significant competitive edge.

The latest in geological survey technology from SPT

SPT have been producing accurate and reliable borehole survey tool technology to the oil & gas and mining industries since 1996.

Gyrotracer Directional wireline gyro survey tool

GyroTracer Directional

A highly accurate, extremely reliable Continuous NS Gyro survey and orientation tool. Wireline and Memory mode included.

Wireline and memory mode directional survey tool

Fiber-Optic GyroLogic

With 32mm OD, operates in Wireline and Memory mode with Bluetooth connectivity and drop capability thanks to its rugged design.

Calibrate and test downhole tools with this highly accurate calibration stand

Universal Calibration Stand

The Universal Calibration Stand enables customers to perform calibrations, run QC tests and customer demonstrations.