CRS and Environment

CRS and Environment

SPT Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

As a company we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to the environment, to our local communities and those with which we do business. The company has taken the initiative of actively encouraging our staff to recognize those responsibilities and behave in a responsible manner. We regard the setting of a good example as an important part of our business. Below are a few examples of how our company and our staff have shown their commitment to practice responsible corporate behaviour and to establish and support initiatives in our offices.



Our tool cases are reusable and we encourage our customers to use them in an effort to reduce expensive and unnecessary duplication and waste.

We actively encourage staff to recycle. Throughout the year we work closely with companies and organisations to ensure the recycling of as much waste as is practical – paper, plastics etc.



SPT is conscious of its obligations to comply with all relevant legislation affecting its operations. It has implemented compliance policies, procedures and programs, including an education and training program for employees on areas of Health and Safety and Testing procedures relevant to our business.



Prohibition on the giving or receiving of any bribes, extra contractual gratuities, inducements, facilitation payments or similar. It is an insult to our customers and demeaning to our staff.