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Watermelon Mill FA

Watermelon Mill FA

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The Watermelon Mill FA is used to gauge “window” in casing string in order to provide rock-destruction tool passability having diameter not exceeding nominal diameter of the Mill.  

The Watermelon Mill may be used: 

  • independently on tool with washover through openings in box (pin)
  • in conjunction with second Watermelon Mill and Window Mill with washover through circulating openings of Window Mill
  • in conjunction with rock-destruction tool with washover through circulating openings of rock-destruction tool
  • in conjunction with Starting-Window Mill to cut and gauge “window” in one trip. 
  • The Mill is strengthened with tungsten carbide powder
  • Two types available: box and pin thread 
  • Tripping speed: not exceeding 49.21 ft/min
  • Delivered Mill is ready to operate.

Casing diameter 4 1/2 – 9 5/8 in (114.3 – 244.5 mm)

Length 3.74 – 4.92 ft (1140.0 – 1500 mm)

Length of cutting unit 1.97 – 2.62 ft (600.0 – 800.0 mm)

Outside diameter 3.62 – 8.5 in (92.0 – 216.0 mm)

Weight 85.9 – 198.42 lb (39.0 – 90.0 kg)

Connecting thread can be designed and manufactured according to client’s specification