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"Thanks to SPT Gyros we found the 33 miners alive after 69 days trapped." - Felipe Matthews Rojas - Geólogo Geoatacama -
GyroTracer Directional™ 45mm

GyroTracer Directional™ 45mm [North Seeker]

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The GyroTracer Directional™ 45mm North Seeking Gyro is recognized as a benchmark navigation technology and remains the most versatile high-accuracy gyro in the industry. Its unique sensor platform allows for continuous, high-speed gyro surveys in all casing, tubing, and drill pipe sizes. With its robust and innovative design, real-time steering operations are now possible, where typical MEMS would normally be unable to survive due to temperature or vibrations.

This north seeking gyro instrument can accurately survey all well profiles from vertical to horizontal, pumpdown capability and continuous surveying at high latitudes or inclinations with no accuracy degradation. Unlike other continuous gyro systems, the
GyroTracer Directional™ does not require any surface alignment or surface calibration prior to survey.

  • True North Finding
  • Unaffected by magnetic interference
  • Continuous survey mode
  • Traverse at high speed at up to 150 m/min
  • Measure in all inclinations including horizontal
  • Pumpdown capability
  • Extremely accurate and reliable
  • Compact instrument
  • Easy Operation
  • Inclination accuracy ± 0.05˚
  • Azimuth accuracy Continuous Mode < 0.1%* 
  • Gravity toolface accuracy ± 0.1˚ for incl. > 3˚
  • Gyroscopic toolface accuracy ± 1.0˚
  • Repeatability ± 0.5˚
  • Inclination range 0˚ to 180˚ (from vertical)
  • Pressure rating 70MPa (10,000psi)
  • Temperature rating wireline mode -30˚C to 85˚C (-22˚F to 185˚F)
  • Temperature rating memory mode -30˚C to 60˚C (-22˚F to 140˚F)
  • Survey speed up to 150m/min (492 ft/min)
  • Surface Unit input 100 – 240v

* Subject to well profile and depth accuracy

  • Diameter 45 mm (1.77”)
  • Gyro Module Length 950 mm (36.6”)
  • Telemetry Module Length 400 mm (15.74”)
  • Battery Module Length 800 mm (31.5")
  • Weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Dimensions (surface unit) 165 mm x 220 mm x 85 mm
  • Weight (surface unit) 2 kg (4.4 lbs)