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"The autonomy provided by the Calibration Stand, is priceless. Calibrations, QA / QC, demos, etc." - Ville Rautakoski - Oy Kati AB -
Universal Calibration Stand

Universal Calibration Stand

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The Universal Calibration Stand for GyroTracer Directional is a simple to use, yet advanced design. This small, non-magnetic stand is light weight, durable and useful for testing many downhole survey instruments.

The purpose of the Universal Calibration Stand is to calibrate SPT instruments. Its second and just as important use is for highly accurate testing. Simply set the stand facing to geographic north. Once the frame has been levelled, place the tool in the stand and begin testing or calibrating.

The Universal Calibration Stand enables the customer to calibrate their own tools if required, on site, in a few hours. This saves on numerous days of down time and expensive freight costs. It also gives the customer the option of extremely accurate quality control checks of instruments in the stand and the option to simulate real situations as it has all the necessary positions.

Calibration of the SPT instruments is a very simple procedure. Tools can be tested in all inclinations (0-360º), toolface (0-360º) and azimuth angles (0-360º).

  • Conduct your own calibrations on site and have the tool back in the field the same day
  • The stand is perfect and extremely accurate for QC checks of any downhole survey instrument
  • Real well simulation
  • Small, lightweight and non-corrosive design
  • Only requires a small floor area
  • Calibration training can be completed in 2 days
  • Calibration procedure is simple
  • Easy to transport to other locations
  • User friendly software
  • Can test probes at all inclinations, azimuths and toolface angles from 0 to 360º
  • Saves on many days of downtime and lost revenue
  • ø 830 mm (32.70″)
  • Length 750 mm (29.50″)
  • Weight 30 kg (66lb)